Saturday, 26 May 2012


Yesterday was my last day at college and still it doesn't feel like I have spent 4 years here.That is how fast time flies away. I don't have sufficient words to describe how I feel happy, overjoyed, relieved, relaxed or sad because I've made  a lot of friends in these years and now they'll  be gone. The only thing I am sure about is that I'll surely miss V.G.E.C. and the people around here. The last few moments were full of sentiments, hugs, handshakes, signatures, pics, smiles and questions like - "kayre madisu ?" :-) This was the moment when everyone realized that they have to move on. Final words were exchanged and we all were HAPPY + SAD!

 Four years ago, when I got admission in this college, I used to sit in class and ask myself WHY I took this step??! WHY I left the small pool which had all my dear friends and came to this huge ocean where I did not know anyone??I had actually lost my way to my new class on the very first day, and told myself –Shrujal, if this is how your first day has gone, imagine how the next FOUR YEARS will be??! Will I make any friends here?? Will I find good group??Will we have good faculty?? Will I even SURVIVE till the end??!!!

I know, all this sounds very filmy, but this is exactly how I felt back then…..But as they say, whatever happens, happens for the good. Yes, the College life was always a fun. I have learnt many new things over here, which you can’t find mentioned in any book. The last four years were golden moments of my life. Had some really good NEW experiences which have helped me to develop as a person and I am amazed to see the evolution in me. Made many new life long friends. Got recruited in group named Hal – Qaeda ;-) Got one block also. Had wonderful trips to Gir - Somnath - Diu , mundra. Got selected in TCS and the list goes on….   

We all were a part of GTU’s 1st batch and were treated like lab rats :p. All the possible experiments were done on us by GTU, but we survived and were topper batch in university. Though there were individual groups in our class, but still we were united and that’s the best thing about our batch.  

I am going to miss my batch mates, my group, professors, seniors and juniors, especially the 6th sem juniors, because I feel they have been the sweetest batch and once again thanks guys for a wonderful farewell. I will also miss all the fun we had during our lab intervals especially the B1batch, the volleyball games ,card games , badminton matches, all the nonsense comments on each others status messages on Facebook, ‘class awards’, the great roller-coaster ride called P.R.O.J.E.C.T, everything will be imprinted in my memory for a long time to come.  

I will definitely  miss Ghathiya rath na khaman and ghathiya, Trupti ni ice cream, lunch break dabba parties, bunking classes and going for movie at City Gold, those B’day bumps and parties, volunteering for JUNOON, Technoaspire, one day picnics, manekchok, law garden, late night outs and night stays (specially the one  that we had at my place during uttarayan), garba nights, holi celebrations and again the list goes on……. 
In the end, I want to thank all my batch mates and especially some close friends who have made my journey ‘exciting’ and my life ‘wonderful’ during past 4 years. Hope we stay in touch in future… Thank you all and yes - M really gonna miss this place, m gonna miss my College Days!!!!!

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